Approve and Reject User Requests

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Self-Service automatically sends e-mail to Request Approvers about user requests. Each approval step requires a unique Request Approver. After you approve a request, Self-Service sends e-mail to the next participant (either a Request Approver or Token Distributor) in the workflow. If you are the last participant in the workflow, Self-Service sends users an e-mail informing them their request has been accepted or rejected.


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  1. In the Security Console, click Administration > Provisioning.

  2. Click the Pending tab to see all open user requests. If no requests appear, click Strap Buckle Ankle Oxfords Leather Vintage Shoes Women's Uwabaki KingRover Platform BlackSearch to refresh the screen.

  3. Click the request you want to work with.

  4. Complete any missing information, and make any necessary changes to the request.

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  5. Under Action Required, select an option:

  6. (Optional) Add comments to the request. Your comments appear in the e-mail sent to the user when you take action on a request.

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  8. (Optional) Notes. Add any notes that you want to keep about this request. These notes are not sent to the user.

  9. Click Go.



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