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Give a Grad a Gift

Give Every Grad You Know the Gift of AAUW Membership at No Cost!Black Textile Leather Braccialini 37 7 D Boots US Gray AN44 EU Ankle q6wYfzq

The Perfect Graduation Gift

Play this video at the start of your next branch meeting and encourage others to pass on the gift of membership in your community.Western Boot Leather Laceupp Madden Women's Steve Cognac IqRO7Yt

As an AAUW member you can gift one year of AAUW national membership to as many recent college graduates as you like at no cost to them or you. (National members, you can do this too!)

We all know that the future of our organization depends on today’s graduates, so we need you to introduce AAUW to them. Here’s how you can share AAUW with recent grads.

  1. Identify the recent college or university graduates in your networks. 
    Mens Flip Rubber Havaianas Flops Brasil Ivory g6qx0T These graduates can be people you know or strangers! You could gift AAUW memberships to the entire graduating class of your local college or university — in fact, we encourage it. Anyone who has completed their undergraduate degree in the past two years is eligible to receive one free membership from an AAUW member.
  2. Collect their information.
    You’ll need to know the mailing address, phone number, email, and alma mater of each of these future AAUW members.
  3. Fill out our handy form!
    Voilà! Welcome, new AAUW members. Hello, future of AAUW.

It’s a win-win situation. Giving a grad the gift of AAUW membership costs nothing for you or for them — and is rewarding for you both!

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Know an AAUW member who is graduating soon? Order them our official AAUW grad cords!


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How to Celebrate College Graduates in Your Area 

Host a graduation ceremony or program to help welcome the next generation of AAUW members and leaders.

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Graphite Sandals Batman New Men's Havaianas

Give the Graduates You Know AAUW Grad CordsMen's Havaianas Sandals Graphite Batman New

What will make graduation even more memorable? An AAUW grad cord!

3 Ways You Can Recruit E-Student Affiliates

Too often, students don’t know about us, even when their schools are AAUW college/university partner members.

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Sandals Graphite Batman Havaianas Men's New Bx6gn0q Sandals Graphite Batman Havaianas Men's New Bx6gn0q Sandals Graphite Batman Havaianas Men's New Bx6gn0q Sandals Graphite Batman Havaianas Men's New Bx6gn0q Sandals Graphite Batman Havaianas Men's New Bx6gn0q